Our team focuses on excellent customer service on the daily. The entirety of Amelia (Regourd Aviation group) staff is dedicated to offering its clientele an incomparable flight experience in Europe and in Africa.


Amelia is employing hundred flight staff, including pilots and cabin crew.

Air operations

The organisation, planification and the following of flights is operated internally by 24/7 rotating teams to guarantee the best tracking and optimal reactivity.

Airworthiness & Maintenance

Since its creation in 1976, the Regourd Aviation group decided to ensure airworthiness and the maintenance of its planes by itself. This acquired knowledge places us as a European leader in full maintenance of regional planes, a service we also offer as consultants. Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain) does maintenance of the fleet in Europe and Africa foregoing the constraints of complex logistics and organisation.

Support staff

Jobs at Amelia are not only operational jobs, or jobs directly linked to aeronautical maintenance. They are also all the support jobs, transversal functions that contribute to the smooth running of the company and participate in the enhancement of performance.
These support jobs include Marketing/ Communications, Legal, Human Resources, Procurement, Finance or EHS.

Our entities and implantations


Paris, France
Le Bourget, France


Saint Brieuc, France



Le Bourget, France


Šenčur, Slovénie​

Pointe-Noire, Congo

Brazzaville, Congo