On-demand regional flights

Book a plane from our fleet quickly and easily. Our 35-to-70-seat aircraft are ready to take off at any time. Our crew will be here to welcome you and to make your flight an incredible experience.

A service that matches your group travelling needs

  • Sports competitions
  • Team travel
  • Client invitations for marketing events
  • Music bands
  • Aircraft of 35 to 70 seats
  • Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East
  • A plane ready to take off in a few hours

We offer recent regional aircraft, equipped to the best standards and maintained with attention.
Our business aviation DNA is reflected in the interior design and style of our cabins.

Our crews — which we train — will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Effective, flexible and attentive, their priority will be to ensure a pleasant and safe flight. They are supported by entire Amelia (Regourd Aviation group) team, who will organise your entire flight and ensure it goes smoothly.
We have been an aircraft operator for over 40 years, on behalf of all types of customers, companies, VIPs, sports professionals, vacationers, and we provide our expertise to your flight experience.